Thursday, March 31, 2016

What's Your Passion?

The first quarter of 2016 is drawing to an end. Tomorrow starts a new month and with it the beginning of a very busy three months. It all kicks off with a 3 hour trip to a youth convention followed by a trip to Nashville (Love that City) a few days later. In Nashville, I will have the opportunity to serve, support, cheer, and worship with teens and adults from around the Southeastern Region of the Church of the Nazarene as we (NYI) gather for TNT @ TNU 16. I will get to see old friends and I look forward to meeting new ones at both of these events. Then I will tackle the next event and each one after that, such as a Senior Expo for work where I will head up the Wheel O' Fortune Booth with prizes, a few church fellowships, a fundraiser for the youth group, NMI/SDMI/DA with my Alabama South Family, a graduation party for the youth at church, a pool party, Teen Camp, and hopefully a trip to Texas with my family. I'm sure I've missed some event scheduled for these next three months but none the less it is going to be an exciting, challenging and fun time.

A friend made an observation regarding how people don't express their passions and it got me to thinking. What is my passion? Do I really understand what it means and do I have passion about anything? So of course I wanted to get to the root of it and so I googled Passion. The Merriam-Webster website gives the first definition of Passion as "a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something." (There are two others but I think this gets to the point my friend was talking about.)

Enlightened by this understanding of the word passion, I have realized I do have a passion for more than one thing but they all seem to come out of one source. That source is God. For God is love and has called us (me) to love. I have a passion for living out Mark 12:30-31, "And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength. The second is this 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no other commandment greater than these." (NASB) My passion is to Love God and Love Others. My passion is to love, care and enjoy time with my family. My passion is to help others in both psychical and spiritual matters. My passion is to enjoy this life that I have been given to the fullest and to be grateful. My passion is to grow in knowledge and grow in my faith.

As I look at the list of things ahead of me these next three months, I can't help but realize that my life is full of all my passions. Each day, with great enthusiasm I serve God in ministry at work,church, home and in the community. I'm excited to get up early on a Saturday just so I can spend a few hours with teens and adults who all are sharing in the Story of God. I'm absolutely pumped to spend four long days with little sleep just so that I can help serve at an event where teenagers get to use their talents for God, fellowship with other teens/adults, worship God and continue to engage in His Story. My life is overflowing with abundant joy, love and passion.

What's Your Passion?

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